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PCA Annual Election

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PCA Annual Election Schedule for the years 2022-23

Election Schedule
1 Announcement of Election Schedule / Display of Election Notice, Election schedule, and a preliminary list of voters. July 25, 2022, Monday
2 The last day for Election Commission to decide the appeal if any. 5 July 29, 2019, Friday
3 Last date for making an appeal, if any; to the Regulator (TO), DGTO by members aggrieved by decision of the Election Commission. 1 July 30, 2022, Saturday
4 Regulator (TO), DGTO to decide the appeal. 7 August 6, 2022, Saturday
5 Display of Final List of Voters and Issuance of Nomination Forms. 2 August 8, 2022, Monday
6 The last date for receiving Nomination Papers for the election of Members of the Executive Committee from the contesting members, duly proposed and seconded by duly registered voters and signed by the Candidate. 12 August 20, 2022, Saturday
7 Within 24 hours of receipt of nomination papers, a copy of the final list of candidates shall be provided to each contesting candidate. 2 August 22, 2022, Monday
8 Display the list of candidates. 1 August 23, 2022, Tuesday
9 Last day of receiving objections, if any, to the nomination of candidates. 1 August 24,2022 Wednesday
10 The decision of the Election Commission on the objections to the nominations of candidates. 2 August 26, 2022, Friday
11 Last date for filing of an appeal with the Regulator (TO), DGTO by the member aggrieved by the decision of the Election Commission. 5 August 31, 2022, Wednesday
13 Last date for receipt of the decision of the Regulator (TO), DGTO, and Last date for withdrawal of Nomination Papers. 6 Sept 6, 2022, Tuesday
14 Polling for Members of the Executive Committee to be held simultaneously at Southern and Northern Zones. 4 Sept 13, 2022, Tuesday
15 Display of Election results of Elected Executive Committee Members 2 Sept 15, 2022, Thursday
16 Invite Nominations for Election of Office Bearers (1 Chairman, 1 Senior Vice Chairman, and 2 x Vice-Chairmen ). 2 Sept 17, 2022, Saturday
17 Last day for receiving Nominations for election of the Office Bearers. 5 Sept 22, 2022, Thursday
18 Withdrawal / Scrutiny of Nomination Papers of the Office Bearers. 1 Sept 23, 2022, Friday
19 Circulation of Final List of Candidates for the Election of Office Bearers. 1 Sept 24, 2022, Saturday
20 Election of Office Bearers. 2 Sept 26,2022 Monday
21 Annual General Meeting to announce election results of both Executive Committee and Office Bearers and handing over / taking over ceremony and display of final election results at the Head Office, Zonal Office, and website. AGM date to be announced in due course. 4 Monday, 26 Sept to Friday, 30 Sept 2022